Monday, 6 October 2014

A Year at Broadway Gravel Pit

9 of us enjoyed the last couple of work parties at Broadway Gravel Pit tackling such jobs as path clearance, removal of derelict blackthorn in readiness for replanting with new hedging, pollarding an overgrown goat willow, cutting back brambles to encourage damson trees to flourish and pulling up huge swathes of nettles between the hide and the first pool.

Emperor dragonfly (c) Mike Averill

As I write we have clocked up over 530 volunteer hours so far this year and still managed to host some extraordinary wildlife. Again as I write we have had four visits by a kingfisher, regular attendance by grey wagtails, grey heron, buzzards, bullfinches, treecreepers etc. Grass snakes, smooth and great crested newts are all breeding successfully, we have had various moths, bees, dragonflies and butterflies including the rare hornet clearwing, emperor dragonfly (a mature male). Greylag goose was a new record this year when two pairs dropped in. Stoat, badger and roe deer are all notable residents/visitors.

The reserve bird list for 2014 currently stands at 47 species with the best single day count being 23 species on 6th July.

Mark, Broadway Gravel Pit

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