Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January in Chance

The volunteers have been back for another session and we've managed to complete the clearance of the stand of rhododendron that was my target for the year; we've had a good turnout of volunteers this year. We've begun the repair of the fencing and now it is much more difficult for horse and bike riders to gain entry; is it coincidence that the membership leaflet holder has just been smashed to pieces? Minor vandalism I suppose but very inconvenient and we suffer so little from this sort of thing so that when it does happen my blood boils!

It's difficult to credit that temperatures have risen by more than 20 degrees since last month's blog entry and although the wood is generally very quiet there are signs that spring is on the way already. However bad the weather may yet get I begin to think that the year is beginning to improve once the great tits begin to call and the snowdrops appear. You can see why they are described to be 'spearing' through the leaf litter. These pictures show particularly early examples - they are few and far between but I'm hoping that by the time of the next blog they will be carpeting the woodland floor.

Roger, Chance Wood

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