Friday, 14 February 2014

Winter at Feckenham

It's been wet, very wet but Feckenham is coping really well. Surface water is high and there are areas where it is almost over your Wellingtons but still passable with care.
We have been monitoring the water levels since the beginning of December last year and the results are interesting. We already knew that water naturally moved across and off the reserve, however, interestingly, we are finding that after significant rainfall the levels in the dip tubes are not that different to when there hasn't been any rain but the build up at the Southern end is being caused by excess water not getting across neighbouring land and into the brook.

This isn't a problem for us as the high water levels enhance the reserve. It just makes it more difficult for anyone walking the permissive public footpath, but then it is meant to be a wetland !

Our Roving Volunteers have been very busy with coppicing more Alders and this week carrying out margin clearance on the main pool. This was a job that has been long overdue and it now looks much better providing more water in the channel along the right side of the pool.

James Hitchcock has also been busy pollarding more big Willows which is part of our ongoing Management Plan.

This winter we have found a record number of Brown Hairstreak eggs on our Blackthorn. We are currently at 86 with one or two doubles and a triple. Previous years have only managed to record 24. So, when the adults are on the wing in late summer we will hopefully locate an Assembly tree.

This week has seen the first signs of our Cowslips with some brave new plants showing on top of a Mole hill.

Paul, Feckenham Wylde Moor Reserve Warden

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