Friday, 21 February 2014

Winter at Hill Court Farm

The Hill Court Farm reserve is a wetland reserve, but even here I don't think we've ever seen it quite as wet!

This was the view last week, showing just how flooded some of the fields have become -

A large number of wetland birds such as ducks, swans and waders have been taking advantage of the flooded landscape making quite a spectacle at times.  But I'm sure the conditions have made life difficult for other birds and mammals wildlife on the reserve, just as it has made every day life a little trickier for many of us.
As for our intrepid volunteers, we have spent the winter clearing, coppicing and laying a long length of hedgerow which, as we've slashed, chopped and sawn away, has seemed an almost destructive task at times. 

However, when Spring comes around and the hedge begins to sprout new growth we will end up with a healthier, thicker hedgerow which will provide an important source of food and shelter for a variety of birds and other animals e.g. small mammals and butterflies.
If you would like to become involved in the volunteer work at Hill Court Farm our next volunteer work party is taking place this Saturday 22 February, when we will be planting new trees - one of my favourite tasks because it feels so constructive and nurturing.

For more details contact Rob or Naomi on 01905 754919 or email

Sara, Reserve warden Hill Court Farm 

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