Friday, 31 January 2014

Upton Warren visit

I've hi-jacked the blog from the volunteers this afternoon to report on a visit to Upton Warren this morning.  
It was a dreary morning at The Moors for our visit but there were plenty of birds around; we even caught sight of two roe deer moving through the long reeds (pity I didn't have my camera ready).  Alan Shepherd recollected how he had seen harvest mice around The North Moors pool.  

The reserve is more saturated than I have ever seen it.  

This week the Upton Warren volunteers have been coppicing and removing scrub from the edges of the reedbed around the main Moors pool. Without their work the reedbed would diminish in size.  Bitterns should benefit from this too.  
Some of the trees next to the reedbed have also been coppiced or felled to encourage the growth of scrub in the right place.  Scrub has a tendency to grow in the wrong place, smothering open habitats such as reedbeds, marsh and meadow.  This felling work should allow light in to encourage it to grow where we want it to.   

Andy, Conservation Officer - Central Reserves

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