Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rare bats in Grafton Wood

Those of you who keep in touch with us through ways other than our blog will know we've been working on a project to radio-tag rare Bechstein's bats in Grafton Wood this year. 

Worcestershire is on the northern edge of the bats' known range so this year the People's Trust for Endangered Species have funded research into their goings-on.  We've even been featured on BBC Radio 4's Saving Species programme.

With lots of help from volunteers of the Worcestershire Bat Group, we thought it only fair to point you in the direction of their blog about the project... enjoy their take on working on Bechstein's Bat project.

Thanks to PTES, Johnny Birks, Eric Palmer, all the volunteers from the Worcestershire Bat Group and the Bat Conservation Trust for their help and support in this important research project.  We're currently analysing the data.

James, WWT Conservation Officer

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