Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Orchards in Martley

We had a great evening on 3rd May listening to John Edgely give a very informative talk on orchards. It was lovely to see some new faces at Martley, even on such a wet evening! 

It was slightly different from our normal talks as we got some invaluable advice on how to manage orchards. It’s obviously interesting to know what wildlife is associated with orchards but management is key to making sure this valuable wildlife resource isn’t lost through neglect. We picked up a lot of advice about pruning individual trees but John also covered managing the sward to increase the species diversity as well as improving the hedgerows both for biodiversity and for the fruit trees themselves. I know I took away some very useful tips that I will be using when pruning the couple of fruit trees in my garden!

It's all quiet now for a month or so but we'd love to see you at our Moth Night on 7th July or the moth and butterfly day on 8th July, both at Monkwood.

Poppy, Worcester local group

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