Thursday, 11 August 2011

Have you seen this bug?

This vivid red and black hairy plant bug used to be restricted to a few places on the south coast of England but it's now on the move.  

Corisuz hyoscyami (c) Oliver Wadsworth
Worcestershire is being invaded and we would like records please, preferably with a  picture.  

In the last few weeks we have seen them at Hill Court Farm (Longdon),  Trench Wood, Chaddesley Wood and in Redditch so it could turn up anywhere.  Several have been seen on thistles.  The bug feeds on plant juices by sticking its long mouth parts into the stems.    

We've only around ten records over the last couple of years so this is a real newcomer - please keep a look-out and let us know if you see any.  If you could email your sighting and any photos to in the first place that would really help us out.

Many thanks

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