Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Silent auction update

Progress has been quite slow on the painting I'm doing to celebrate the 25th year of the Tiddesley Wood Open Day - I have to fit in painting this picture with other work.  Researching some of the subjects for the vignettes around the central image also takes quite a while.  But it's starting to fill up.

I'm not too keen on what I've done so far - but don't let this put you off as I am very rarely happy with what I paint or draw.

I'm now in the process of adding a noble chafer beetle and a white admiral butterfly.  Tiddesley Wood is one of the few sites in England where noble chafers are found - they love old orchards and the one at Tiddesley is perfect for them.

(By the way, can anyone tell me what kind of pear is grown at Tiddesley before I have to bother Harry Green - again)?

Harry has very kindly sent me plenty of reference material for the noble chafer and is looking forward to my depiction of it.  Thank you Harry.

I hope to keep you updated on the progress of the picture - and I hope it encourages you to bid for it and raise some funds for the Trust.

Valerie Briggs

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  1. Superb detail Valerie...the piece is a live, can't wait to see the finished piece. Jack