Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beetling About

The noble chafer - a rare beetle whose larvae live in decaying fruit trees - had just emerged from a small hole in a plum tree.  I know them better from our Tiddesley Wood nature reserve but this one was found in an old orchard in the Teme Valley.

If you see one please let us know - and preferably take a picture.  In late June and July they visit hogweed, meadowsweet and elderflowers.

I've just heard of the first sighting in Buckinghamshire since 1914 and we've had two recent records from Tiddesley Wood.  So it could be a good year as hot weather encourages them to fly.

Please get in touch with the Biological Records Centre or me via the main Trust office at Lower Smite Farm if you see any this summer.

Thank you
Harry Green, Tiddesley Wood

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