Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Photos speak louder than words

The weather is so good and things are moving so fast - there are more new arrivals to photograph so here are a few and not so many words!  

Our orange tip eggs are hatching and I managed to find this minute caterpillar about to eat it's way into a ladies smock seed pod. 

Our resident coots have had two chicks but as you can see they won't be winning the best looking baby competion! 

These ' Rhagio scolopacea' are getting it together on a gate post and our first small coppers arrived two weeks ago. 

The ragged robin is starting to flower and I hope this is going to give us a really good show this year. Large red and azure damselflies (pic shows a female azure) are about in good numbers, some already in tandem and the first male broad bodied chaser arrived on April 27th. This was of course the answer to the last quiz question albeit it was a female not male. 

male broad bodied chaser
female broad bodied chaser (last quiz)
female azure damselfly
It's a good time to go to the reserve to observe and take photographs. Please note that the reed bed is not accessable from the Alders hide through to the southern end stile. This is to protect nesting birds etc. but you can see plenty around the rest of the site. 
Here is a new quiz pic. for you. No clues on this as it is really easy!

Paul, Feckenham Wylde Moor

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