Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring work party

Well that's it then, the last timetabled work party for this season and as Alan put it:  "No more cakes and ale then!"  Alan, like the rest of us, enjoys his refreshment at the end of each work party but, unlike the rest of us, knew the quote was from 'Twelfth Night'!

We've had a successful season with a great bunch of people who have all worked so well that all the planned work was finished ahead of schedule and this session was really tidying up the loose ends.

We've cleared the last of the paths, I hope the photo makes them enticing enough so that that people will choose to walk them and keep them open.

Amongst the new volunteers this season we have been delighted to welcome Chris Thomas who, ably assisted by Ian Williams, has repaired old nest boxes and made us some new ones. Chris was able to come along and help us put them up, a little late but I've already seen blue tits inspecting them.  Chris is our youngest volunteer (by quite a large margin - sorry the rest of you!) and is now keen to help the local group in all sorts of ways.

One of the delights of the wood at this time of year is the appearance, between snowdrop time and the bluebells, of the daffodils; introduced, of course, and not for the purist but if you don't think they should be there at least you can be assured they are up and gone in no time. And for the rest of us they look great!

Amongst all the introduced species, I've finally found, creeping under the fence at the bottom of the reserve, our first patch of wood sorrell; not a rarity for those of you with 'real' nature reserves but it shows we are moving in the right direction!

 Roger, Chance Wood

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