Thursday, 7 April 2011

On the up...

Stormy skies gave way on Wednesday to bright blue skies and high temperatures. I recorded 24 degrees in a sheltered spot. The sun was out and so were the butterflies and in good numbers. Our first orange tips were about and the first ladies smock in flower (hence one or two eggs were found - butterflies don't hang about)!  There is plenty more to come so hopefully this year will be another record one for this attractive butterfly. 

There were also many brimstone, comma and peacock. 

There are signs of the ragged robin plants coming through and coverage looks encouraging. I found the first common spotted orchid leaves as well, which is excellent. Cowslips are starting to flower and, if the warm spell continues, these will be worth seeing en mass on the southern end of the reserve. 

I spotted this chiffchaff eating the sallow catkins; I suspect getting some energy from the nectar. 

I also watched a pair buzzards who looked like they were pairing up, the male spiralling and turning in display and the femal sitting on a fence post taking notice then flying off with him. A green woodpecker flew noisily across the main pool.

All in all there is a significant amount of activity and plenty of bird song now. I am looking forward to the next week or so when I hope to hear our cuckoo which usually arrives around the 18th - 22nd.

No suggestions for the last quiz so here is is tip wing pattern. Here is another to test your skills. Again, it's not here yet but it won't be too long. 

Paul, Feckenham Wylde Moor


  1. Wow, this sounds beautiful. I love the pic of the little chiffchaff. I love birds, and they have been out in force in my garden, basking in the sun.

  2. Roger, Chance Wood8 April 2011 at 10:49

    Once again last month's 'quiz' was so familiar but buried too deep in the depths of the brain to get it out. Good call!

    Think this blogg is just fabulous, you've got a great subject but add to it with inspiring (and enviable) photos; this month's is one of the best.

    I think I've got a good idea about the 'quiz' but I'll give others a chance. I think the Order is pretty easy but species? I'll guess in a couple of days if you get no more comments.

  3. My guess (having photographed one on Monday at Castlemorton Common) would be a Broad-bodied Chaser. Keep up the good work with the website!
    John, Worcester.