Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Woodland Work at Smite

Hedge planting
Blue skies and sunshine beamed down on the Tuesday Roving Volunteers as they visited Lower Smite Farm last week to start the last phase of planting our new wood – 400 oak trees. Tree planting has been steady throughout the winter and alongside the tree planting in the new wood, the Farm volunteers have been planting new hedgerows and gap filling the hedges planted last year. Everything has come on apace and we are on target for completion of this work.
Copse clearance

Today we took up work started last autumn on the clearance of the copse behind the barn.  Armed with chainsaw, bow saws and loppers, we set to work on the remaining trees marked for felling. It is amazing how much this clearance work has opened up the copse and let in much-needed light.   

The next task is to put up more bird boxes before the nesting season begins in earnest.

Heather, Lower Smite Farm

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