Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Winter at Penorchard

Work on the reserve stopped when the weather changed in early December. With snow falls and daytime temperatures of minus 10 degrees it was impossible to carry out any management work.

All activities did not stop, however, as the snow brought the sledgers to the reserve - whilst many enjoyed themselves, some left their litter and broken sledges behind them. Even though we'd prepared notices about not sledging in the meadows and arranged for them to be displayed around the reserve it still took three half days to collect up all the litter.

However, winter is a useful time to carry out a large mammal survey. The muddy conditions show up the deer tracks well and I have recently had good views of the roe deer. These observations have also presented me with a problem. The tracks indicate that the damaged barbed wire boundary fence (which we must repair before the horses return to graze in the meadows next July) is the main access point for the deer entering and leaving the reserve. I have to come up with an idea for a suitable fence repair which will keep the horses in whilst maintaining safe access for the deer. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Early February will see the volunteers returning to the reserve. This year we will be concentrating on cutting back some of the blackthorn and bramble which we started to do last year.  You're more than welcome to join in & we'd be delighted to see you!  Contact Paul at Smite for information on 01905 754919 or

John, Penorchard

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