Thursday, 17 February 2011

February in Chance

The volunteers have worked so effectively that the major job planned for this year was completed last month.  This left us last week's and next month's work parties to concentrate on clearing the paths.  Bramble grows very rapidly here and soon leaves some paths so overgrown that they become impassable without a good cut back each year.

The next few weeks should see the wood looking at its best and now is the time to meet and chat to the walkers who come up from Kinver to see the spring bulbs; the snowdrops are probably at their best now, daffodil and bluebell shoots are showing well and suggesting that this might be a good bluebell year.

The woodland birds continue to call and I should have had a great photo of the buzzard had I not had the close up lens on the camera at the time!
Catkins at Chance
There wasn't room for all the snowdrop photos here so why not visit our Flickr page

Roger, Chance Wood

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