Friday, 26 November 2010

Work at Penorchard

Work has just been carried out at the Penorchard Meadows reserve to help save a rare black poplar tree.

The weight of a large limb overhanging the public footpath in the "Bogs field" was causing a vertical crack to develop in the tree's main trunk. The condition was safe enough for walkers to pass underneath the limb but the crack was widening and in danger of splitting the trunk; hornets had been seen entering the narrow crack during the summer. Arborcultural contractors employed by the Trust took down the overhanging limb to remove the weight pulling on the trunk (see before and after photographs).

Other trees in the woodland area were trimmed at the same time and the larger branches were cut into short lengths to make log piles for insects and smaller mammals (see photograph).

Volunteers from the Stourbridge group removed all of the brash from the area to keep the woodland floor relatively clear to encourage the existing numbers of broadleaved helliborine and violet helliborine to increase. 67 plants were recorded this year (12 in flower), see photograph.

John, Penorchard Meadows

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