Thursday, 15 July 2010

Smite garden update

It seems that an update on the happenings in the Smite garden is long overdue - so here goes!

Firstly, I can happily report that around a month or two ago the garden tool shed was subject to a thorough spring clean - no more rummaging around in cluttered corners trying to locate those elusive secateurs! Additionally, in a volunteer group effort the greenhouse was given a clean out and make-over with two neat rows of tomato plants being put in. The plants are gowing well and are promising a good crop of tomatoes for the future.

In preparation for the impending open day an outing was made to Tiddesley Wood to collect fresh woodchips - to spread over and spruce up the lower garden paths. Meanwhile we've also been doing the usual ongoing jobs of weeding and trimming back any overhanging hedgerows and shrubs - which can sometimes be more eventful than one would expect. Last week, whilst pulling on an old tyre full of dried grass, I accidentally disturbed a nest of wasps who weren't best pleased! Nevertheless both Penny and I managed to escape by quickly running and hiding in a nearby office building.

Despite the recent dry weather everything is doing well in the garden. In the top garden the blackcurrants and goosebrries are brimming with berries and turnips, cabbage and corn and the cucumber plants are coming along well. Fingers crossed we may also see some carrots emerge in the next few weeks. Down in the bottom gardn the pea plants have grown and filled their wicker frames and a second crop of radish has matured in the smaller tyre planter.

Finally, although any recent visitors would have surely noticed, I'll mention that the large tractor tyres in the courtyard were filled with soil, planted with squash and corn and are currently looking fantastic.

Right now we're putting all our efforts into getting ready for the July open day on Sunday 25th (1pm-4pm) which is sure to be a great success.

Mary, Lower Smite Farm

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