Wednesday, 23 June 2010

To thank our local volunteers for their hard work over the winter and at the Open Day, S.E. Worcs. group organised a "thankyou" event at Tiddesley Wood. A walk through the wood led by Harry Green was followed by a sandwich lunch, strawberries and delicious cake provided by Miriam Tilt.

I was really pleased to be able to identify some plants myself and remember the names (well, at least the English "common" names even if the Latin ones defeat me)! OK Hedge Woundwort, Herb Bennet, Herb Paris and Ragged Robin aren't exactly rare. When on a nature walk with the experts, I'm afraid the Latin goes in one ear and straight out the other but at least part of one stuck today. John Meicklejohn showed us a door snail clausilia bidentata (OK, I did have to look up the first part on the internet because I'd forgotten it ....)

Bob, Tiddesley Wood, SE Worcs Group

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