Friday, 30 April 2010

All's good at Feckenham

Our cuckoo arrived on the 18th of this month and soon after there were two. We had two last year for the first time and so the fact that they are both back, assuming they are the same ones, is great news. I watched this one flying from post to post along the fence to the left of the main pool before it flew away across the reserve towards the Mouch.

Our first grass snake was seen on the 28th in the usual place and it stayed still for long enough to get some nice shots.

At least two of our brown hairstreak eggs have 'hatched'. I have spent some time searching for the larvae but to date nothing. It could be anywhere as apparently they can be quite mobile before they find a suitable leaf. The clever trick is to find a pupa - which if I do will be a huge bonus. The only problem is that only being on site once a week it is going to be pot luck.

Spring visitors have arrived and joining the chiff chaffs are reed warblers and a grasshopper warbler singing just above me in a large blackthorn on Wednesday. Later in the day there was a lesser whitethroat singing. A blackcap and house martin were seen the week before so things are certainly starting to happen now the warmer days are here.

There are great numbers of orange tip butterflies and the lady's smock is more abundant than last year. The ragged robin is well advanced and the spotted orchid leaves are showing now.

Everything is looking excellent!

Paul, Feckenham Wylde Moor

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