Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Taster at Tiddesley

On march 7th we were off again into the woods, to clear some trees and put up some deer fencing, Yippee!! This had been organised by the Trust as a taster session to give newbies like me an idea of what volunteering is all about.

This was only my 3rd time volunteering and I was really looking forward to getting out of the splitting barn (although for those who know me, I'm quite partial to a bit of splitting!). I worked on the understanding that when Claire says "prompt" she means prompt, so me being me I arrived way too early and it took about 30 minutes before people started to show!

We set off from the car park and into the wood, where there were the beginnings of what was promised to be a roaring fire (if only it was a easy as that)!

Eventually there was a gang of about 10 of us and we had a briefing from Rob about why we were doing what we were doing, which always helps your motivation! We were clearing an area to promote new growth; most of the work was thanks to the deer having a taste for the small, fresh growth that we also wanted, albeit for slightly different reasons!

I had a great time, thirsty work mind! So at 11.00 a tea break was very well earned (thanks to Claire with the camping stove)! We were like a bunch of hobbits, huddled around a little kettle!
Oh and the Jammy Dodgers were very well received!!

It's amazing how much a group of willing people can achieve in a few hours, it'll never cease to amaze me. I think if anyone walking dogs had stumbled upon us at certain points they may have wondered what was so amusing.. there was a lot of giggling going on, and it wasn't just me, sorry chaps! I do believe we even had Harry (Green) tittering on a few occasions!

Overall another great day. We finished at 3.00, packed up and cleared out, with only the squelching of our boots to be heard!

Thanks to all involved and I look very much forward to seeing you all again soon

Heather, Tiddesley Wood

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  1. Cheeky girl! I often laugh - she couldn't see the smile for beard!

    We actually discovered that Heather has a remarkable diversity of skills - very useful for fencing.

    Very grateful to all who joined in and completed a very useful job in quick-time and hope to see everyone in the woods again soon.