Monday, 1 March 2010

Of deep ploughing & sheep!

The Heathland restoration at Blackstone Farm took another important step forward last Tuesday when the first of the newly acquired arable fields was deep ploughed to bury the nutrient-rich top soil and bring the nutrient-poor sub soil to the surface. This required the use of a much more powerful tractor unit than would be used for normal ploughing. The operation was not just appreciated by the Trust as part of its plan but also by the ever hungry black headed gulls.

The Devil's Spittleful monthly volunteers work group spent last Thursday morning cleaning the scrub from alongside the boundary fencing with the Severn Valley Railway track and fitting stock-proof netting ready for the introduction of rare breed (Soay) sheep to the Reserve. The sheep will help to keep the existing grass meadows suitable for the Reserve's unusual flora. The photograph shows the group taking a well deserved lunch break before moving on to upgrade the field gates and collect litter from around the rock outcrop.

John, Stourbridge local group

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