Thursday, 25 March 2010

Last Logs of the Season

My first log sale since the Valentines Volunteers!

Although I have done some log splitting since, I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of it (excuse the pun)! I arrived on Saturday at about 9.30 and already there were trailers and cars being loaded, these wood folk are really eager. So after a quick hello I chose my weapon (axe to those who don't know me) and away we went, splitting, bagging, loading up trailers and cars of all sizes. I'm seriously impressed with how much wood you can fit into the smallest of cars!

There were piles and piles of logs to get through and I'm sure someone was adding to my pile everytime I turned my back. So when it finally came to 1pm I have to admit I was quite pleased to be packing up for the day.

However being a sucker for punishment I was looking forward to Sunday!

Again arrived 9.30 I put the signs on the gate (yes I did have to think which way the arrows were pointing) and no sooner had we found a suitable chopping block and got our "eyes on" for splitting... in they came!! One after the other, which was ace, less to split! One one chap did ask me if I'd go home with him to "help unload" - I said "sure I'll help you burn them as well if you like!" He did come back for another load but it was still only logs he left with!!

Amazingly enough it wasn't long before we could see grass where the logs had been. Yippee... I'm still shocked (but pleased) to see how much work can be done by a group of willing people. It's great.

So overall another good day at Tiddesley wood! I can't believe I have to wait months before I can wield an axe again ........ well for this particular cause at any rate!!!

Heather, Tiddesley Wood

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