Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What a 'litter' snow....

I managed to get over to the Pen Orchard meadows last week (Thursday 21st) and spent 4 hours picking up the litter left over from the sledging season. I only managed to clean up field A (but this was the worst field) before I gave up. The litter was scattered over a wide area and there were a lot of small pieces.

See the photograph of the litter collection just from field A before I loaded it in to my car. I managed to get all of it into my car (except for the long piece of wood) and I safely dumped it at my local amenities tip in Stourbridge. It was equivalent to 7 / 8 black bin liner bags.

The collection included: plastic drinks containers, glass bottles, tin cans, broken plastic sledges, broken plastic greenhouse trays, a broken plastic wheel hub, numerous plastic bags and plastic sheets, a shattered "plastic bread tray" (you would be surprised how many small pieces it broke up in to), 2 shattered corrugated "for sale" boards (that's what the long piece of wood was for),
a metal "no smoking" sign, a shattered plastic "garage forecourt advertising board", 2 punctured inflatable rings for use on the beach, a broken body surfer board, sweet / chocolate wrappers and 2 cigarette lighters.

I also found a bunch of keys which someone had lost and as it contained an Halifax insurance return tab I handed it in for return to its owner. I was told there may be a £10 reward fee from the insurance firm but I will have to wait for them to contact me. If this is so it could be used to buy some chocolates for the volunteers!

All in a days work for the WWT volunteers?

John, SE Worcs Group


  1. I'd never have thought about this after effect of the snow! Pity those enjoying the sledging didn't show a bit more consideration. Thanks to the volunteers for the work clearing up!