Friday, 15 January 2010

Bird ringing at Grovely Dingle

We got out into Grovely over the weekend and managed to do some bird ringing for a couple of hours, having set up a (nut) feeding area to see if we can attract a few things and see what's there.

We managed to catch usual tits, a treecreeper, blackbird, robin, wren and this splendid female sparrowhawk. We also saw grey wagtail, woodcock, great spotted woodpecker and nuthatch. We also saw a deer, which may have been roe, but we're not great with deer ID.

Also chatted to a walker, who said there had been a dead little egret (near pond by canal) since November, but we cannot verify this.

We thoroughly enjoy ringing and are working on several project for WWT and BTO. You do need training to become a ringer - check out the BTO's website if you're interested


Tony & Leigh, Grovely Dingle


  1. Who would I need to contact if i would like to start ringing and as I am only 14 would that be an issue

  2. Hi Ed

    Thanks for asking! In the first instance it's probably best to contact the BTO representative for Worcestershire - you can find his details on their website There's more info on what it all entails on the BTO website

    Good luck :)
    Wendy, WWT