Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Roving Volunteers

The first time the Tuesday Roving Workparty visited Lower Smite Farm this autumn we joined forces with the Smite farming volunteers. Some 400 new blackthorn and other shrubs and trees were used to plant a new hedge between the gate and the field edge at the top of the hill. The field will host a new project including lavender and wild bird seed production units. The second visit had us taking out old gateposts that had been very deeply entrenched, with the added bonus of being bell ended and encased in water.

(The team discovering the depths that a gatepost goes to)

We marked out the new footpath ready for the Smite team to lay another new hedge and helped with the new fencing alongside the road at the back of the house and garden.

Last Tuesday the team visited Long Meadow to undertake coppicing and clearance. The ground was wet and having navigated with map and compass we all gathered and took instruction from Claire.
Ramsay Reaney, Tuesday Roving Volunteers

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