Tuesday, 24 November 2009

From the garden shed

The weather has been particularly gloomy lately. However, in the garden we've accomplished a lot. The strawberries have been moved into an adjacent bed to keep the crop in prime condition and grass seed has been sown on the top paths to create a lawn effect (reducing the need for weeding the paths next year)! The lavender and buddleia have been trimmed back, the bottom bed dug over and the scarecrow dismantled (don't worry, he'll be back in spring). And thanks to the hard work of the volunteer workgroup the pond has been been redug and filled - a new resident toad was even spotted (hiding snugly under a piece of turf).

Mary, Lower Smite garden

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  1. The garden at Smite (Lower Smite Farm - (the Trust's HQ)has been great this year. It's been a real gem for visiting children finding bugs, beetles and butterflies in the flower beds or finding veggies and fruit in the allotment area. None of it would have happened without the wonderful garden volunteers.It'll be interesting to see the new pond take shape - bet that toad won't be on his own for too long.