Thursday, 29 October 2009

Working on the Spittleful

I've just got back to Smite from a really smashing day working at the Devil's Spittleful reserve - a great mix of hardwork and spotting trains!

There were 9 of us clearing silver birches and broom from in amongst the heather. We worked hard to clear masses of both - it makes a real difference to the future success of the heathland. I remember the first time I volunteered at Devil's Spittleful - it was more woodland than heathland.

Claire was running the work party today and managed to take us as far as she possibly could from the railway line. Which meant every time we heard a train I had to make a real effort to get to the track to see it. I managed it a couple of times and caught sight of Tornado & N2 - both visiting the Severn Valley Railway for the week. Tornado is a brand new build steam locomotive that's only been finished this year so I was really pleased to see it.

Excellent day with brilliant weather!

Mike, roving volunteer

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