Thursday, 15 October 2009


I spotted an otter at about half nine yesterday morning in the Leigh Brook.

I had my dog with me on a lead. I saw the otter swimming towards me in the middle of the stream about 20 m away. It moved to its left and settled near the steep bank, still in the water, for about 20 seconds (possibly watching me) before crossing to the opposite bank where it went out of sight because of trees in my foreground. I moved in order to try to view round the obstructing foliage but it had obviously retreated up stream. At all times it was swimming rather slowly and didn't appear to be showing signs of stress or panic because of my presence.

I would say it was at least 3 feet long and all features that I saw fitted those of an otter. Unfortunately I didn't have camera or binoculars with me but I think any additional movement in using them might have scared it off prematurely. Weather was bright and sunny.

Derek, Malvern group

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