Thursday, 27 August 2009

Log & Woodchip sales

On a similar note we're now gearing up for our annual log and woodchip sales at Tiddesley Wood. The first ones don't take place until October but there's lots of work that goes into them.

The sales generate a lot of much needed money for the Trust and the wood all comes from the work we do across our reserves.

If you'd like to help out with the sales - bagging logs, selling etc - please contact Harry Green via the main Trust office on 01905 754919.

If you're interested in buying, come and see us at Tiddesley on 24th-25th Oct, 12th-13th Dec, 9th-10th Jan, 13th-14th Feb and 20th-21st Mar between 10am and 1pm. (It's £85 per cubic metre loose - please bring trailers; if it's pre-bagged we charge £4.50 per bag).

Hope to see you there!
Harry, SE Worcs group

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