Thursday, 16 July 2009

Glow-worms at St Wulstans

28 of us met last night (15 Jul) for a glow-worm walk at St Wulstan's Nature Reserve. We didn't meet until 22.30! We split into 2 groups and ours was lucky enough to see about 25 glow-worms - which was quite magical!! We had a fabulous 90 minutes and learnt a great deal - our 2 leaders gave us background information prior to and during the walk.

We all felt it was really worth making the effort to stay up and meet so late. The sky was so clear that we could have done some astronomy too.

What an end to our summer programme! I can't wait for our talk about badgers on 3rd Sept - although now we've got into an out and about late at night habit, it's a pity we won't be badger watching as well!

Margaret, Malvern Local Group

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  1. That sounds like a great night time experience. I've only ever seen a couple of glow worms and was really excited to find them. They are fascinating - the light they emit is surprisingly bright.